Take My Hand

​Lilith Graham is a woman running away from her past. ​​​​​​​​​​

After a tragic car accident steals the life of her husband and best friend, Lilith learns he harboured a painful secret. To gain control over her spiralling life, Lilith escapes into a shell where she lives cut off from the rest of the world for almost a year. Lilith’s best friend Calla has had enough of Lilith’s behaviour, and she invites Lilith to play at one of Vancouver’s most exclusive BDSM clubs. But can Lilith let go of her past to reach her full potential as a submissive? Or will she find herself trapped inside a life with no emotions or connections?

Gaige Harlow is a man searching for something more.

Master Gaige has played in the kink for his entire adult life, but he has only ever had one permanent sub. It was a disaster from the beginning to the end, and he vowed not take on any more subs until he got his head on straight. Unfortunately, The Cage’s resident shrink Calla has other plans for him. She insists that Master Gaige take on a new training sub. He reluctantly agrees as a favour to Calla. 

Once Master Gaige meets Lilith, he recognises the hurt sub underneath all her walls and barriers. The Dom inside him has a primal need to break into her layers and peel each one back one by one to reveal the woman underneath. Each encounter leaves both of them wanting more until Lilith’s past comes back to haunt her. Are they both willing to fight for the Dom/sub bond they have, or are they doomed to repeat past mistakes? Find out in Take My Hand.

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book One

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Our First Dance

Our First Dance prequel to Take My Hand and there is no HEA...yet!​​​

Calla is the new resident shrink at The Cage. She showed interest in the BDSM lifestyle for a while, but her new position gives her a chance to really immerse herself into the world of kink. 

Flynn is the owner of The Cage and a tycoon in the business world. He senses the submissive inside Calla and longs to free her. Flynn offers to become Calla’s training Dom for thirty days to give her a proper orientation at The Cage. 

It’s immediately clear they have more than a passing attraction. Their scorching scenes build a level of trust neither of them has felt before. Calla gives all her trust and submission to Flynn as her bond with him grows. Just as Flynn is ready to give his heart to Calla, a spectre from the past returns to his life and threatens everything he cares about.

You know them as the Dom and the sub with sexual tension so hot it drives Calla and Flynn to the brink of darkness. Find out how they fell in love and were forced to give it up in Our First Dance.

Our First Dance is the prequel to If the Whole World Were Watching

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The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon

The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon is a prequel to Take My Hand​

Master Dillon was the most famous Dom in the world of cinematic pornography until accusations by his ex-sub and girlfriend threatened the career he loved. 

In an effort to gain control over his life, Dillon begins seeing the new psychologist, Calla Jones, at The Cage. Dr Jones gives him some steps he needs to complete to rebuild his Dominance. Unfortunately, his old sub still has plans for him.

Will Dillon learn to be the Dom he once was? Or will his ex-sub succeed in tearing down Dillon’s life and destroying the very essence of what makes him a man? Find out in The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon, a prequel novella to Take My Hand.​

The Heart of the Matter

Eric Danvers thought he had found the perfect submissive before she was swept right out of his arms.​​​​

Now pining after the one woman he can’t have, Master Eric finds himself stuck in a gruelling cycle of emotional torture that has nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle. Just as he was about to take a hiatus from The Cage and the lifestyle altogether, Master Eric is asked to take on the role of training Dom for one of the new subs. Rather than agreeing, he’s coerced into the role and finds there’s more to his new training sub than meets the eye.

Elizabeth Williams is a sub on a mission.

Elizabeth Williams has read every single book on BDSM she can get her hands on, and she feels as if this is the lifestyle for her. After saving up for an entire year and working an extra job, she finally had enough money to enter the couples training program at the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver. Unfortunately, as soon as Elizabeth and her boyfriend are accepted, he decides that he wants a different sub. Elizabeth decides not to let go of her dream and enters the submissive training program.

Master Eric soon finds that Elizabeth Williams may be more sub than he can handle. He loves her brattiness, but he knows it hides a pool of inner hurt that cried out to his Dom instincts to heal. Elizabeth falls for Mater Eric as soon as she meets him and really believes she cannot help her brattiness. She wants to give him her true submission, but she might not be able to set aside her past hurts to move on. Read the story of Master Eric and Elizabeth in The Heart of the Matter.

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book Two​

What We're Meant to Be

A Doms of The Cage Prequel Novel​

Ever wondered where your favourite Doms and subs played before The Cage opened?

Delaney MacDonald is a bratty sub of the highest order who has never fully submitted to a Dom in all her years of kink.

After spending months trying to create the perfect Dom, Delaney finds him cheating on her with another sub. Instead of feeling devastated and betrayed by her former Dom’s actions, she’s more concerned with finding another Dom she can secretly top from the bottom. When two Doms she has known for years come forward to offer her a contract, Delaney resists at first. Master Linkin and Master Martin are real Doms who will demand her actual submission.

Master Martin and Master Linkin are on a mission to find the sub that will bind them together.

They have been together for years. When they found BDSM, they were quick to discover they were both Doms, neither one able to properly submit to the other to create the power exchange. They agreed to top subs together in the hopes one day they would find the perfect sub to complete their triad. Master Linkin and Master Martin had watched Delaney for years and knew she needed a proper Dom to help her reveal her submission. They finally have the opportunity to offer Delaney a contract.

Delaney, Master Linkin, and Master Martin come together in scorching scenes that affect each one of them in different ways. For Delaney, her descent into true submission and subspace binds her to both of her Doms in a way that’s terrifying and beautiful. Master Martin knows he’s found the sub for them, he just needs to temper Linkin’s more overt personality traits. Master Linkin knows he needs to compromise more, but Delaney’s submission and his boyfriend’s newfound happiness make him ever more determined to control everything around them. When outside danger threatens Delaney, can Linkin and Martin work through their issues to discover what the three of them are meant to be? Read the story of Delaney, Master Martin, and Master Linkin in What We’re Meant to Be.

The Dom's of The Cage Book Three

With or Without You

Mistress Thea Demopoulos/ AKA Detective Demopoulos is a woman determined to catch a sadistic killer.

Mistress Thea is the Domme in Residence at the most prestigious BDSM club in Vancouver, The Cage. She ensures Doms/ Dommes are practicing safe, sane and consensual scenes and abiding by the strict rules of The Cage. By day she is a hard ass detective with the Vancouver Police Department who is hunting down a serial killer targeting submissives in the city. As she closes in on the killer an event will rip apart her world and force her to turn to the one man she can’t have, but can’t stop thinking about.

Master Dillon is determined to show Mistress Thea there is more to BDSM than being either a dominant or a submissive.

Dillon Ross has come through his rehabilitation with his Dom mojo in full working order. Unfortunately, he can’t forget the one woman who brought out the wild, passionate caveman who had been hiding underneath his easy going veneer. No matter how much he tries to catch Mistress Thea’s attention, she maintains a respectful distance reiterating that she will never submit to him or anyone else. Everything changes when she is abducted and tortured at the hands of a man who will stop at nothing to destroy the kink community in Vancouver.

After Thea’s rescue, Dillon will do anything to help her recover from her physical and mental injuries except let her push him away. With the help of their friends from The Cage, Thea and Dillon track down the killer who is targeting their world. But will they be able to build a life from the trauma of Thea’s abduction and Dillon’s life as a porn star? Read With or Without You to find out.

The Dom's of The Cage Book Four

Wicked Game

​Hartley Daniels always thought she was a good time sub. ​

When she joined the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, The Cage she had already been experimenting with her kink side at the public clubs in town with her friends. Hartley was the sub who was up for anything, she wanted to push her boundaries and see how far her kink side extended. After gorging her appetite on the tamer scenes with the gentlemen Doms of The Cage, Hartley finds she is hungry for something different, something with a little more edge.

Dr Keith Selkirk is the top trauma surgeon in the country. The members of The Cage know him as Master Keith, the resident sadist.

Master Keith recognised his taste for kink ran into the extremes from the very first time he walked out onto a dungeon floor. He demanded full control over his subs as a part of his contracts and he teased out every last drop of their submission through the punishment of the flesh as well as the intimate manipulation of their minds. His demand of a thirty day, twenty-four/ seven contract was always met by an eager number of subs willing to submit to his particular brand of BDSM.

Master Keith had been aware of Hartley at The Cage since the BDSM dungeon opened its doors. She evoked feelings of restlessness that threatened to break his iron-clad control. He did his best to steer clear of the sub every Dom loved to play with until she set her sights on him. After a long campaign, he finally gives in to her request for a thirty-day contract. Will Master Keith retain his status as The Cage’s sadist? Or will the lovely Hartley break through his control to the Dom within? 

Find out in Wicked Game…

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book Five

As If the Whole World Were Watching

​The time has finally arrived. The final conclusion of Calla and Flynn’s love story. Will it end in a happily ever after? Or will the forces that have sought to keep them apart triumph over love?​

Dr Calla Jones is no longer a green sub with her heart in her eyes.

When Flynn Banroch hired Calla to act as the resident psychologist for the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, she was excited. One of the conditions of her employment was a thirty-day training contract with an experienced Dom in order to understand the lifestyle fully. Calla couldn’t have been more on board with Flynn’s plan, especially after he signed the training contract.

Flynn Banroch wasn’t looking for anything more than releasing the sub he knew was lurking inside of Calla.

Instead he found an incendiary connection forcing him to question the strict rules he had for playing with subs. In exploring Calla’s submission, Flynn found his own dominance growing and changing in ways he had never thought possible. When a threat to his position as CEO of his families multi billion-dollar company arises. In order to keep Calla safe, Flynn ends their thirty-day training contract.

The malignant danger against Vancouver’s BDSM community has steadily increased since Flynn ended his thirty-day training contract with Calla. Compelled to keep Calla safe, he offers her another contract and whisks her away from the dangers of the city. At his private island off the coast of British Columbia, Flynn and Calla will rediscover the bond between Dom and sub that has haunted them for months. As their enemies close in, will the pair be able to finally escape the past and look towards a future together? Or will the forces conspiring against them finally win? Find out in As If The Whole World Were Watching.

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book Six

Break Even Part I: The Fall of Detective Chamberlain

The first of a three-part novella series featuring Detective Barin Chamberlain and Russian Spy Melanie Bancroft. Detective Chamberlain is an experienced RCMP undercover detective. Nothing stands in the way of Detective Chamberlain and his mark. Until Melanie Bancroft becomes his mark. His most dangerous target to date. Detective Chamberlain’s work was crucial in breaking the blackmail case against Master Flynn, setting the CEO of Banroch Industries and his sultry sub Dr Calla Jones free.

For Detective Chamberlain, it was the start of a long and winding investigation to bring down a Russian spy masquerading as a sub.Melanie Bancroft is a woman on the run. After living the high life as the ex wife of Flynn Banroch, the investigators outed her as a foreign agent. With her bridges burned in Canada, Melanie is no longer safe from those who would see her dead in Russia. Her only chance of survival will be in a cache of valuable confidential information Melanie has collected over years involving Russian agents.

Will that be enough for the Canadian Government to ensure her safety? With her cover blown, Melanie must rely on the man she only knows as the Dom in Residence where she works as a waitress. They will cross the border from the United States into Canada under the cover of darkness. The secrets Detective Chamberlain and Melanie hold deep will unravel and betrayal will threaten to rip them apart.

Will Detective Chamberlain be able to reconcile his feelings for Melaine, the woman who slowly stole his heart? Or will he be lucky to Break Even? Find out in the first offering of this three-part novella.A Dom’s of The Cage Novella​

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book

Janey Chan knows Joe Green is the Dom for her.

If only she could convince Master Joe, they were perfect together. But all he sees is the playful sub who gets into all sorts of jams trying to help her friends. Janey knows that Master Joe can take her submission to the next level, but he’s pegged her as a good time sub, rather than one serious about exploring her submission. When the opportunity arises to spend more time with Master Joe and track down her old boss, Janey jumps at the opportunity to show how mature she can be.

Joe Green is a Dom who only ever plays on short contracts.

Preferring to believe from his painful childhood that he has nothing to offer a woman than a few scenes and some aftercare. Master Joe keeps all his liaisons at The Cage short and sweet, giving the subs orgasms they never forget, while keeping his shields against emotional entanglements firmly in place. The ex army soldier turned private security guy believes he’s as happy as fate will allow. He’s turned Janey, the sub with the sweet smile and natural submissive instincts, down every time she’s asked him to play. He’s too rough and hard for a sub like her.

We met master Joe when he was protecting Calla Jones from dangerous assassins and we learned he was loyal and steadfast to a fault. Master Flynn and Master Linkin send Master Joe and Janey on a mission to find Master Lovett, Janey’s old boss, and bring him back into the Vancouver fold of friends who miss him dearly. Can Janey convince Master Joe they belong together on the road trip? Or will Joe finally show Janey his hard ass Dom side and scare her away for good? Find out in Play Me Close.

The Dom's of The Cage Series Book Seven